PUBG Mobile tips and tricks [For Wining]

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks [For Wining]
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PUBG Mobile finally came to the world market and you know what it means. It’s time to jump into the chaos! Do you have what it takes to win? In this article, we will present PUBG Mobile tips and tricks about how to get a good start on PUBG mobile devices, we will continue to destroy your competitors and catch this delicious chicken dish.

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The typical PUBG Mobile game mode is a free game where bare and desperate contestants are left on a island full of gear and weapons to gently slaughter each other until they stand alone. The playground is periodically shrinking to open the pressure, automatic discard of players left out of the playground. Yes, just like in the movie.

Dealing with a new game is not easy, and everyone is trying to survive when you go out to pick you up, but keep these tips to help you get on with a good start and give your opponents an edge.


  • Jumping with parachute
  • Spoil
  • Using automatic functions
  • Be aggressive
  • Get Target
  • Use your ears
  • Make settings
  • Watch out for cars
  • Play with friends
  • PUBG Mobile


Leave the town alone

In PUBG Mobile, your first strategic moves start before you hit a gun or hit a battlefield. First, you should choose a good place to fall.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

There are two factors in this decision:

  • There is loot in the buildings.
  • Everyone else wants to spoil and is trying to kill you.

Quite a dilemma. You will want to aim at landing next to the buildings to avoid rain, but avoid the most popular ones that may have merged with the enemies.


The first booty, then ask a question

You do not want to be losing the battle and bringing the first to an armed conflict. Your first priority in landing should be looting. Of course, you followed our first lead and fell a building away from the enemies, did not you? Fantastic. Now get in and do not spoil.

A weapon is always a priority. Then, body armor and healing items to get you moving.


When you have a range of weapons and other items, you can begin to think about which weapons work best for you as you discover the area and shoot down the enemies. But first, take everything. PUBG Mobile has a handy auto-loose that will help you complete this job quickly.

Use automatic functions

Action games can be difficult to play on the touchscreen, but PUBG Mobile has several easy automatic functions to make it easier. Do not make life difficult for yourself. Use them.

Automatic sprint: icon appears when running at full speed. Just hover over your finger and let’s keep working without having to hold it down.

Free look: A handy feature that is not a rival to Fortnite, you can drag the little eye icon just below the map to look around and look around. This works when running while running, so you can look around without changing direction.

Automatic looting: Your avatars rarely take basic items without having to cover, weapons, armor and more. When your inventory breaks down, you may want to check that you follow your preferences, but the game is quite smart in this regard.

Aggressive remember, do not forget that you are in the lobby

In the PC or Xbox you can be used with caution if you are more focused on hiding, self-protecting and carefully sensitizing those who are accustomed to PUBG. This soft-soft approach will not work on a cell phone, son. Controls are less sensitive, accuracy is more difficult.

This means that you are less likely to catch more players, and you can usually fire a few times before your enemy hits you.

PUB G Mobile Tips AND Tricks
PUB G Mobile Tips AND Tricks


When you hear the gun sound, try to run the tables instead of panicking and running for the lid immediately. With skill levels between players who are flattened by touch screen controls, the advantage is definitely offensive. The attack on PUBG Mobile may be the best defense.

Opinion by Nicholas Montegriffo PUBG Mobile rewards aggression more than on the PC version What do you think? 50503 participants

Get Target

That does not mean you’re throwing it out of the window. Firing crazy will waste your shots and report your presence to others. In a regular PUBG you may be afraid of protecting your place and your destination. Standing up, you’re gonna get your head out.

But in Mobile, most of these shots are not already fired at you with any accuracy, so stop and aim and do your counts. Nine times from ten hours, that means you will have a wait.

PUB G Mobile Tricks
PUB G Mobile Tricks

Targeting is done with the screen you can drag to the destination using the small plus icon on the right side of the screen. If it is very strange to aim and shoot with your right thumb, you can go to the settings to activate an extra fire button on the left of the screen. Use whichever is faster for you right now. Suckers just dies the same way.

Use your ears

What was it about warn others about your existence? Oh yes. At PUBG, hearing is the key. Without disturbing background music, you need to trust your ears to get upcoming shots and the voice of movement around you.

An ear can make a difference between life and death, so do not be tempted to play PUBG Mobile by cutting down on the subway like other mobile games. Instead, invest in some good headphones to give you an edge.

Set your preferences ( PUBG MOBILE TIPS AND TRICKS )

In PUBG Mobile, a wise warrior always adjusts settings to make sure you are fighting your circumstances. Sun Tzu, probably, said. There are a few settings in the options menu of the game, often unrecognized, but some tweaking can give you victory.

PUB G Mobile Tips & Tricks
PUB G Mobile Tips & Tricks

Is the game slow ? Consider setting your graphics settings to low and your FPS settings to be high so that the game plays more smoothly. The war is ugly, but the winner is beautiful.

If you change some of the options to suit your style and skill level, you will play faster and more effectively. In the menu, you can adjust the sensitivity settings, change the position of the on-screen icons, and disable or adjust the automatic spill settings here. As we mentioned, activating the left fire button can be a real game changer.

Watch out for cars

One of the most annoying things, PUBG, Mobile or otherwise, is getting caught in the death area without entering the safe zone quickly. You will want a quick option, which usually means a car. Once you know where the cars are, keep them in mind to close the walls. Some players prefer to stay near cars instead of their favorite weapons.

Get some help from your friends

If you think that PUBG Mobile is free for everyone, then if you have friends you know to join, you might consider playing some team games to improve your skills. Teamwork, especially with more skilled players, is a little less intense and offers more room to breathe more to understand the bases. ‘If you meet face-to-face bullets for free for everyone, your’ friends’ may regret having to train you.

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This is all our PUBG Mobile tips, tricks to start and dominate PUBG Mobile. As we continue to play, we will add more, but if you have them to share, you can leave them in the comments below! Other Topic


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