[Solution] Problem parsing the Jpeg data PhotoShop 100% Working

[Solution] Problem parsing the Jpeg data PhotoShop 100% Working
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Hey, are you install Adobe Photoshop for editing pics But You Face the problem which shows a popup window like ‘Problem parsing the Jpeg data’ when you drop a picture in PhotoShop.

Error: Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data


Don’t Worry Here I will Give a solution which is 100% working for your this problem. This error is coming sometimes when you try to open jpg or jpeg file format in adobe photoshop or any other imaging software. When you are unable to open an image file in adobe photoshop, it means the image file is corrupt due to incomplete download of image raw data or any other reason.

solution parsing the jpeg data

In this error image thumbnail is showing properly, the image is opening in windows image viewer, but the error comes when it tries to open by photoshop.

To solve this problem and open image in Adobe Photoshop, you have required to import image raw data

How Can Slove parsing the Jpeg data?

  1. You can open Paint in your pc or laptop
  2. Open that picture in your laptop/pc.
  3. After that Click on Save Button in Paint
  4. This will replace your pic with new saved data which is complete.

Now you can open your that picture again in photoshop your problem is solved.

Problem parsing the Jpeg data
Problem parsing the Jpeg data


While you are solving ‘Problem parsing the Jpeg data’ when you paint don’t click on save as instead of this just click on save because this will save the memory of your computer or laptop :p.  Android Tips & Tricks 

So, guys, I hope you will like this article and don’t forget to share with others. If there is any problem regarding this make sure leave a comment below.


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