Best Free Videos Editing Online Software [ Latest Updated 2019 ]

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With the concern of the security of the software when it is added to the machine as well as the occupancy of the capacity, the machine resources that this cause, it seems the search and download the software for the purpose, the user’s needs are on a little away. Instead, a growing number of online services are becoming more popular.

Initially, the service resizes photos, convert online pdf format, to download MP3s on Youtube or scan online … That seems to be ‘online’ to help users feel comfortable And more secure, especially when the Internet infrastructure is growing extremely strong, these online services are becoming more and more attractive.

In today’s article, TCN will guide you to add another service is also useful and handy, no less that is directly edit video directly without software.

Best Free videos Editing without software


No need to worry about copyrights, money, no time to install, so peace of mind about the safety and capacity of the machine, which are some of the features, the main advantages of online video editing services. This.

1. WeVideo 


best free videos online editing
best free videos online editing

This is the most powerful and user-friendly video editing service available today. It allows users to upload files from a computer, from apps stores like Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox or Picasa … Even when done, we can also choose the degree. Resolve before posting your ‘work’ on Youtube, Vimeo or save to device.

Advantages of WeVideo:

  • Sign up for a free account. You can use your Facebook or Google account right now.
  • Backgrounds, background music rich and varied.
  • There are versions for two popular phone operating systems currently available on iOS and Android.
  • There are three modes to choose from.
  • Ability to edit in groups, each person can participate in editing this video.

Disadvantages of WeVideo:

  • Less trial time (15 minutes/month).
  • Low resolution video (480p).
  • The cost is quite expensive (about 50 USD / month).
  • If used for free, your video will be watermarked.


2. Loopster


best free videos online editing
best free videos online editing

Loopster is also a video service ‘cloud’ like WeVideo. It is designed to have the same interface as a professional video editing software but simplifies the features. Full of powerful features, satisfying enough and extremely good for the needs of a normal user or even a regular user to edit the video.


  • Sign up for a free account.
  • The storage capacity is quite large (about 20BG).
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Utility collection with 600 different sound effects.
  • Can download videos with a capacity of 1GB.
  • There are many different packages for users to choose to use for a fee (Plus – Movie Producer – Education – Business).


  • Resolution is not high (480p only).
  • Trademarked for free.

3. Magisto 


best free videos online editing
best free videos online editing

If you are passionate about editing short films but do not want to spend a lot of money, use Magisto. This is an online video editing tool capable of creating stunning and professional videos without the need for too many tools.

With the same usage as Instagram, users only need to select the audio and visual effects available on this page to use for their video, so that is done. This is also the most popular application of 2013.

Advantages of Magisto:

  • Use Facebook and Google as other services to sign up.
  • Easy to use but still ensure the efficiency and quality.
  • Rich, diverse subject.


Disadvantages of Magisto:

  • Can not edit manually.
  • Can not intervene in a video while processing.
  • A free account is limited to many features (cannot download the video, limited video length …)


4. Video


best free videos online editing
best free videos online editing

It’s a bit different from the above because it’s not a traditional video editor, but rather a service capable of creating animated videos from pictures and sounds. a bar that users upload. The video is especially suitable for the purpose of creating short promotional videos or presentations because it contains a lot of sample videos, animations, text effects … for our reference. again.

Advantages of Video:

  • There is no limit to the number of new videos (including free accounts).
  • Fast processing speed.


Disadvantages of Video:

  • Closed watermark if used for free.
  • Free accounts can only make videos with a time limit of no more than 30 seconds.
  • The fees are quite high compared to other services ($ 9 per month for the Pro package, $ 19 per month for the Agency package, and $ 39 per month for increased video quality and time. supported on Video.


5. PowToon 


best free videos online editing
best free videos online editing

If you have used and liked Video, you will want to use PowToon again. This service offers the same features as Video, but it adds a lot of cool stuff, specifically: it does not edit the videos you have, it uses the video itself to create animations. and other effects.



  • Diverse, rich, many themes.



  • The free video cannot be downloaded.
  • Maximum broadcast time is not more than 5 minutes.
  • Limited to background music.
  • Expensive if you want to use the charge.



The article above has guided you 5 best online video editing services today. Whether it’s software that needs to be purchased and installed on your computer or a site that allows for direct manipulation, just meets the needs and suits you, it’s going to be the best tool.

Users can consider and use these tools according to their purpose, job requirements, and habits.

Wish you success!


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